A heartfelt thank YOU…

There is nothing more rewarding than to know that there are still very selfless people in the world that makes up humanity. On September 5th, a very dear friend of mines, Cecily Burge, a third of Team Martinez, decided that for her birthday, instead of indulging in the fun that comes with celebrating one ofContinue reading “A heartfelt thank YOU…”

Checking back in…

First, I’d like to apologize for my absence from posting my chronicles, but I am sure that by now it is understood that we are living in some very unusual times; more apparent should be that prisoners are not immune to the affects of unusual times that society itself has met challenges adapting to. PartContinue reading “Checking back in…”

Life Can Show Us Amazing things..

Life can show us some amazing things… Adversity can test our faith or the lack thereof. Challenges can test both our physical and mental acumen,enabling us to accept these challenges and overcome them. Setbacks in life can test out agility to maneuverin any storm. Hatred can test our patience and humility, creating virtue within usContinue reading “Life Can Show Us Amazing things..”

Welcome to (his) journey

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Welcome… This is a journey you’ll be experiencing with the one and only, Nonfiction! This journey will take you into the mind and reason of one of the many wrongfully convicted men in America. On this Journey you’ll uncover what its like to walk someContinue reading “Welcome to (his) journey”