About me

Hi, this is Edward, on this blog (which I will consider “my journey”), we’ll explore many of the realities that comes with fighting a criminal justice system based the many unjust practices that I have encountered while incarcerated.

My goal is to inform you, and hopefully create in you, the reader, the yearn to provoke social change that will bring a sense of fairness to our criminal justice system.

I will be going by the pseudo “Nonfiction”, as I relay my perspective from a true and realistic point of view. I am conscious that much of America is in need of platform that they can take in as informative and reliable. That is what you will see on this journey. I am passionate about raising the banner of true justice and equality so that the voiceless will always be heard, and the meaning of true Freedom is realized for everyone citizen of our great society.

Feel free to learn more about my case here: justice4edwardmartinez.com

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