A heartfelt thank YOU…

There is nothing more rewarding than to know that there are still very selfless people in the world that makes up humanity.

On September 5th, a very dear friend of mines, Cecily Burge, a third of Team Martinez, decided that for her birthday, instead of indulging in the fun that comes with celebrating one of the most important days of the year, she would start a fundraiser in an attempt to help in any way with my cause. This was unplanned and totally the thought of a good conscious and loving hearted person. It is by far, the most kind thing anyone has every offered me, and goes to show that there are people that KNOW the core value of living.

It is rather emotional for me, in these most trying times, to come across people like Cecily, who, no matter how her day maybe coming long, she still manages to show so much support and love towards me and my cause. Although, she thinks she is strongly opinionated to the point of not being open enough, she is most definitely a caring person who sees others self worth as a reason to cultivate love and bring about the best possible outcome, even if its only to put a smile on someone’s face.

I want to thank those that supported Cecily in contributing to the fundraiser by name. Although we may not know each other, we all share the common bond through Cecily. This common bond is grounded in good heartedness and kindness. The lessons I walk way with from her selfless and kind deed.

Love to all, and to all love.

James Burge
Marc Howard
Lisa Burge Swotes
Seth Davis
Dan Kim
Elizabeth Hansen
Emma Ladouceur
Henry Morris
Maya Silardi
Frances Trousdae
Dominic Palumbo
Macy Uustal
Caitlan Jones
Yahya Abdul-Basser
Nikhil Wadhwa
Oliver Erle
Faisal Al-Sulaiman
Shipley Foltz
Mathew Davis
Maggie Dunbar
Bryce Kassalow
Sarah Connor
Merrin Foltz
Blake Faucher
Madeline Cohen
Phoebe Woonprasert
Jonathan Greenberg
Cloe Roske
Elizabeth Gregan
Jessica Highland
Olivia Cooley
Kyle Ratner
Jenna Douglas
Valentina Silarah
Pia Bhatia
Kyle Cassara
Izzy Fletcher
Katherine Mathias
Miranda Wollen
Malcolm Brainerd
Bridget Fay
Alejandro Correa

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