Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Here I am, still standing…

It is with great pleasure that I reintroduce myself back to you – the WORLD. As I walk upon the 16th year of my incarceration, it has been, without a doubt a transformative event. Every step is accounted as being invaluable in my quest of becoming an ameliorated me.

What shall follow in my writings will be an unambiguous representation of my vision and purpose. Please know that my intentions are not to be obtrusive towards people, places or things in these writings. And to those personally connected to me, my absence may take effort in getting to know whom I’ve become in the past 16 years. I magnanimously leave my past where it belongs – in my rearview. There is no foul; no ills that I have not equated as a point in my favor to helping make me a better man (translation: thank you haters for helping me win!!!).

For those that have really and truly loved and supported me, know that I still stand. I stand tall amongst many that have bowed out either through a mental decline lost in an environment meant to suppress God’s given gift of Light, Laughter and LOVE. Or that have emotionally hung their hooked on dark clouds that navigate through an endless maze of sorrow.

Know that I still stand tall amongst many that have physically perished in this sea of mass confusion. Nothing can consume me outside of what I allow. I am king in this JUNGLE, you’ll hear me roar! I am trapped but free… Limitless in my thinking which makes me conqueror of EVERYTHING.

My weapons are love; patience; determination; intelligence; kind heartedness; compassion; and tenacity.

Know that I still stand… I stand for you; for me and for humanity in which God’s eternal breath flows freely from. I’ll share my journey with you only to have you as my witness that the Sun Shines at Midnight – when people least expect it to – I Still Stand…

Trapped, But Free.

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