Welcome to (his) journey

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome… This is a journey you’ll be experiencing with the one and only, Nonfiction! This journey will take you into the mind and reason of one of the many wrongfully convicted men in America.

On this Journey you’ll uncover what its like to walk some of the most violent federal penitentiaries in America, and those like Nonfiction fighting to keep progress through it all. You’ll visit the effects of dishonest prosecutors, corrupt cops and the system designed to protect it all.

You’ll get the highs and lows of Nonfiction’s reality. How betrayal of those he trusted became the norm. How this carefully crafted system, not only worked to destroy the fabric that is meant to bind families together, but how society is kept in the dark. This system is a twisted mechanism with the goal to establish civility while actually working to destroy human decency, and strip men like Nonfiction of their dignity and humanity.

More importantly, you’ll meet the heroes who have stood with him; showing true unconditional love and support without waver. The heroes that have come to believe in his innocence, and have taken up the challenge to meet the obstruction that lies in the way to his freedom. And through it all… You’ll see how he refuses to allow the above challenges to define him. That when compared to the effects this journey should have on him, he stands as a contrarian.

Lastly, you will see the tenacious spirit he posseses as he shares some of his ideas for the corporate world – now that’s called an upgrade! Witness what happens when an ambitious man morphs into perfection while witnessing the world progress though a broken glass.

So, welcome! This is his story, his journey – a Midnight Sunrise… As far as the wind blows, that’s how far he intends on taking you as his now companion… In case you forgot, this is Nonfiction’s Blog.

Trapped But Free.

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